What shoes are you wearing?

Like any other business or organization you may be asked to help a fellow teammate in a role that is unlike yours. Thus walking in their shoes for a moment, day, week or until the task is completed. That’s just what Executive Director, Jennifer Thompson and Executive Assistant Lisa Flood did. On Thursday, February 7th Jennifer and Lisa set out to deliver milk to 6 schools in the School District of Lancaster.

First, a quick stop at the Power Packs warehouse. Waiting for them were labeled coolers full of milk. Each cooler was loaded into the van in the order of school drop off location. With their cooler count, school drop off list, and maps, Jennifer and Lisa hit the road.

With in an hour and a half, 100 quarts of milk had been delivered to the schools. Excited that they completed the task and happy that the families would receive milk along with their packs, Jennifer and Lisa returned to the warehouse. “ It was a great day! We met so many wonderful staff and volunteers within our school community.”

milk delivery 3.jpg
Jennifer Thompson