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Small Sacrifices

Saving lives has never been so simple! Make a one-time gift from your computer that will change lives. Give up something on Valentine's week, February 9-16, and share the money that you saved with Power Packs Project , as they empower families and feed hungry central Pennsylvania children! Choose to give up some chocolate, a night at the movies, maybe downsize the meal and give a gift that matters - the gift of life and hope. Invite your family, friends, and neighbors as we help those in our schools, neighborhoods, churches. Even a few dollars makes a difference! This is your chance to be the hero!



Welcome to the Power Packs Project!

Power Packs provides weekend food and nutritional information to families who are food insecure when the school's lunch program is not available to them.  Families are taught how to stretch their limited food dollars using the food provided by PPP.   The goal of the program is to empower families to regularly provide healthy meals and that children return to school, well-fed and ready to learn.  Power Packs provides long-term solutions to end childhood hunger.

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We are pleased to announce two job opportunites at Power Packs.

Distribution Manger:
15-20 hrs. Details [PDF]

Apply Online

Community Engagement:
20-25 hrs. Details [PDF]

Apply Online

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